Bike to work: a great solution for companies

For decades, getting a company car was the best any employee could dream of

Let’s be honnest the dream is over, and young generation are far less facinatedby the company car solution in cities. 

On the other hand since a few years, there is an increasing demand for biking solutions in many cities of the world, and certainly most of the european cities.

So instead of giving cars to employee, what about leasing bikes instead ?

Our case study: Cycl’emouv

If you are based in Paris, you will love it

Key benefits

1 – Reduce your carbon footprint and offer services to improve the well-being of your employees. Improve the quality of life at work of your teams .An e-bike that travels 30 km/day for a year produces 850 kg less CO2 than a car traveling the same distance

2 – Have a plan B to the constraints of transport in Paris region to facilitate the punctuality of your employees

3 – Promotes quality of life at work – Offering a soft mobility offer through the practice of electric bikes or standart bike makes it possible to improve the well-being of companies and the commitment of employees

4 – Fiscal savings for companies: since 1 January 2019, companies that provide bicycles free of charge to their employees on Long Term Rental (minimum of 3 years) can benefit from a tax deduction of 25% of the amount of the fleet