Aldebaran ?

Aldebaran... a star is born

A red giant star - 44 times the size of our sun
One of the most visible in the sky
Also called Alpha Tauri

It's name is coming from the Arabic meaning 'the bright one of the follower'
probably referring to it following the Pleiades across the night sky

Pioneer 10 ?

1972 ...Pioneer 10 left earth

First human object leaving the solar system
Reached Jupiter in 1973 and Neptune in 1983
In 2003 the radio signals became too weak
Pioneer should reach its destination, Aldebaran in 2 milion years

The plaque ?

If you have grey hair, you may remember

Pioneer 10 was carrying a plate showng some key symbols in case
that it would be intercepted by aliens:
-A man and woman representation
-The position of the earth
-The H2 symbol
And many more
According to latest information, no one / nothing found the plate so far...