Our employees and consultants


Regardless of your status as long-term employees, short term ones or freelancers, you are also our clients and we treat you in the same way we treat any clients

We do not recruit ‘green activists’ ! We recruit engineers and managers who are aligned with our pledge, and share the same convictions as we do about the urgency to act towards a net zero carbon world now, and not delaying the movement.


We call you “the Net Zero Engineers and Managers”


We are pragmatic, the world must change, but we don’t believe that we should go back living in caves! Our role as engineers is to bring the right solutions to projects, not looking only at costs or planning, but at all time at the impact of our decision on the environment, thinking about scope 1,2, and 3

GREAT reasons to join

...we did it for very very long time...

Sleep tight

You are joining a company moving in the right direction. 

You can be proud ! All together we will help our clients to follow the same road !


…the obvious for us, we always follow the rules when it comes to taxes and local legislation wherever we are working. 

We will never ask you to follow a dodgy path

Contract type

We are flexible on contract types, long term, short term, contracted,… our preference will always go to the long term. We recruit great people with great attitude to build the future together.. it will take some time

Medical & life insurance

Always part of your package, we protect you and your family wherever you are working with top solutions, because health care should always be our first priority


In country support

Working far from home ? You are in good hands.

Our international experience and network will guarantee the expected meet and greet, and local support



For those traveling far from home, it can be complex and stressful. 

We always look for the right solution to make your journey, your relocation for you, for your family as pleasant as it can be



Bonus or commissions based on your performance, your green actions, our client satisfaction are part of your package


Working from home

We love it because micromanagement times are long way gone  and because trust is one of our pilars

But we also love to meet, and we understand that performance needs face to face interactions