About Aldebaran

The company was founded by the current CEO, Philippe Perraud.

Headquartered in Lyon, we work in France and abroad serving clients ready to transition to a net-zero approach… or already doing so !

Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of projects during their development as well as during the plant/site lifetime. We will never forget the usual cost, planning, safety … critical to any client of course.

Our engineers, managers are usually company staff, and are recruited not only based on their top competencies, but also on their motivation and alignment with the Aldebaran vision, bringing the best technical and managerial expertise in the execution of industrial projects always with a positive approach for the environment.

We work in France, Europe and outside Europe with our own subsidiaries or with local partners

We do not work in countries that have not shown a positive attitude during COP26 held in Glasgow in 2021

Similarly, we are not working on projects highly polluting such as coal plants. With a large number of mature technology available to replace such projects, their is no justification to keep growing those industries anywhere in the world

The vast experience in Energy and Infrastructure domain of the management team help us to serve precisely and efficiently clients.

We can demonstrate

  • several millions man hours of engineering and construction
  • the secondment of medium and large teams
  • the secondment of more than 200 top managers and experts on scope above 1BUS
  • performance on maintenance and commissioning scopes

to clients worldwide on projects at very early stage as well as during operation.

We certainly do understand your expectations

The Founder - CEO


Philippe, 20 years of experience as engineer, manager, followed by several executive roles

A vast experience of large and complex projects (renewable, power, gas, nuclear, as well as electrical networks)

From early development to maintenance and modernization

In France and across all continents

Philippe, graduated  from French Engineering school ENSAM (Arts et  Metiers, French Engineering school), in 96 with a major in mechanical and a final degree project on software simulation for Ariane space launcher engines Vulcain. 

After his national military services as scientist, he began his career working on various projects site related to the production and distribution of electricity in the Alstom Power Group.

3 years of technical activities on various sites, in various countries:

– nuclear maintenance in France on Tricastin and Cruas nuclear plants,

commissioning of Gas Insulated Substations in Qatar  (phase IV program) and Bahrain (220kV output substation for HIDD power plant)

construction-commissioning in Vietnam on the Yali hydroelectric power plant

back-to-back setup (world premiere) on the Thissavros and Platanovrisi hydroelectric power plants in Greece

Before returning to France, taking on a role as a key export sales representative covering several countries, providing after-sales service such as long term maintenance contracts or refurbishment and modernization on nuclear, hydro and combined cycle power plants .

In 2004, he joined Cegelec in Abu Dhabi, Services Manager, he was in charge of maintenance activities, technical assistance, training, commissioning in the Middle East in several industrial sectors, oil, gas, aluminum, petrochemical, transport, aluminum and network infrastructure…

In 2008, he was appointed Managing Director for Qatar, which was growing fast, driven by the development of Ras Laffan’s LNG trains. Mainly focused on construction activities, up to 1200 people joined the team. Cegelec was acquired by Vinci Energies during that period.

In 2011, Vinci Energies ventured into a new country, Saudi Arabia. Philippe, as first head of country negotiated and organized the first major contract, a long-term maintenance contracts on 400kV substations,  HVDC converter and 400kV overhead lines.

In 2014, change of scope, director at Vinci Energies, he was in charge of all consulting / technical assistance activities with major accounts in energy (offshore renewable, oil, gas, petrochemicals, infrastructure), managing 10 profit centers around the world. Based in London, before moving to USA to support the growth of the Americas.

In 2021, aware of the exceptional environmental challenges and the urgency to act collectively wherever possible to correct the errors of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, he created Aldebaran Group in Lyon, France.

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