Modern Slavery




Our approach and commitment


As part of our activities, we may use subcontractors or partners in various countries to support recruitment, secondment, logistic and various other services.

We are committed to perform our works based on the highest integrity, compliance and responsibility, following the rules in any country where we operate and also the ones applicable  within European Union.

Furthermore we will not accept any practice from our suppliers and subcontractors invoving slavery, human trafficking, servitude, work from children

On the client side, we will stop any contract if such practice is brought to our attention.

Our suppliers


In order to ensure that our values are fully embraced by our suppliers, all our subcontracts include our code of conduct. We ask our suppliers to sign it and commit to it



We train our new staff with no exception and perform regular communication sessions to reinforce our ehtic principles among our teams.

Unfair funds collection


We strongly condemn any attempt to collect funds from any applicant, and confirm that all our services are always completely free to the applicant and its family at all time during the full process of hiring.

You should never pay or being asked to pay for any  

As an applicant, if you face such situation; you should report it immediately to Aldebaran Group management by using the contact form on this website; or by reaching us through our landline.